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Спреј за чистење ланец Lampa Chain Cleaner
Degreasing and cleaning product specifically conceived for motorcycles of road and off-road motorcyc..
390 ден.
без ДДВ: 331 ден.
Спреј - Восок за заштита на мат бои Lampa S100 Matt-Wax Spray 250ml
S100 Matt wax spray - 250 ml Provides long term protection from environmental influence..
890 ден.
без ДДВ: 754 ден.
Средство за суво чистење Lampa S100 Waterless CLeaner 500ml
S100 Waterless cleaner - 500 ml Quick cleaning without water. Cleaning and care in just..
990 ден.
без ДДВ: 839 ден.
Четка за чистење ланец Lampa
Scrub the chain with the compact bristles of the grunge brush to clean all four sides of a chain. Us..
350 ден.
без ДДВ: 297 ден.
Сет за репарирање гума Lampa
The kit contains: 1 pliers, 1 t-handle reamer, 1 plugger tool, 1 rubber cement 13gr, 5 plugs, 1 cutt..
750 ден.
без ДДВ: 636 ден.
Спреј за ланец Lampa Road 400 ml
Protection against wear, with the special additives it performs resistance at high rotation speed an..
600 ден.
без ДДВ: 508 ден.
Спреј за ланец Lampa Off-Road 400 ml
Lubricating and protective spray based on graphite for motorcycle chains with / without o-ring, for ..
500 ден.
без ДДВ: 424 ден.
Спреј антифог за визир Lampa Helmet visor antifog 100 ml
The special formula has been conceived for preventing the condensation and ensuring excellent visibi..
300 ден.
без ДДВ: 254 ден.
Lampa Hydro Detailer 500ml средство за полирање и заштитен восок
In addition to the properties of a sprayable wax, Hydro Detailer impresses with an extreme water rep..
650 ден.
без ДДВ: 551 ден.



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